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Birth Year FAQs

Hello MCSA Families! 

The way your player is placed in an age group in the Spring of 2023 will be changing from the traditional way we have done so before.  Instead of age groups running August 1st – July 31st, they will be going by birth years.  What does this mean for your player?  It means that the age group they are in right now, or would be in the Fall, by current registration grouping, could be different.  We’ve created this FAQ to answer many of the questions you may have.  We understand that this might be upsetting to some and an awesome thing for others, but please believe that we have the players’ best interest at heart.  And by making this change now, we are following current practices in US Soccer, and soccer across the globe.

What is Birth Year Registration?

-          This is where we group your players by the year they were born.  All players born, for example, in 2014, will be grouped together – instead of the previous format – August 2013-July 2014 and August 2014-July 2015.  This will likely make figuring out what age group your player is in easier! 

How does this affect older teams?

-          For the players IN middle school, they will play in the 14U age group – as they are already grouped together anyway.  For players in high school, it will not affect them, as they are required to play in the HS Co-Ed age group.  We will be combining certain age groups as needed, for example: U11/U12.  

Why are we swapping to this system?

-          It is useful to encourage player development.

-          It ensures the players are grouped with other players with similar developmental needs.

-          Coach training and small sided games goes hand-in-hand with the birth year system.  This will make it easier for coaches that will be taking a Grassroots course to determine the correct age group/level of training to best fit his or her players’ needs. 

Benefits to small sided games?

-          Small sided games are used to encourage more touches on the ball and more players directly involved with play.

-          They will be gaining soccer knowledge and develop skills with a smaller group of players on the field at one time. 

-          Helps them learn to develop soccer skills and decision making with and without the ball. 

Why Now?

-          This was put in place by US Soccer back in 2017.  We’ve truly held on to our current process as long as we possibly could.  The birth year age groups have been around for quite a while now, and we, as an organization, feel that the change isn’t going to reverse.  Therefore, MCSA will be moving to the birth year registration format to be more in line with US Soccer and TSSA.

Can we play up (or down) if we don't like the new age group?

-          Unfortunately, no.  Your player will be placed in the age group they are required to be in and they will not be able to change age groups.

Can we be grandfathered into this change?

-          Unfortunately, no.  It would be way too difficult for an organization such as ours to make such policies to allow some to comply and some to not.  We understand that this will be unwelcomed by some and great for others.  However, as an organization, we feel it is best to just move through this together in one season.

Anything we need to know about MCSA that we may not have known before?

-          Yes!!  You may not be aware, but MCSA is an all-volunteer organization!  When you reach out to your age group coordinators or even the President and VP – they are all volunteering their time to this organization, this community, and to our sport. 

-          We all have kiddos playing, as well!  This will also bring changes to their teams, their friendships, their coaches, and their soccer families as well.  This affects all of us as a league, so please be understanding that this is for the betterment of the player, not a punishment.  We promise, soccer will be just as fun going forward, with MCSA, as it has been for the last 40 years!! 

If you have specific questions about your player, PLEASE reach out to your current age group coordinator.  They will be able to answer those questions. 

Thank you for your time, support, and patience with this change.  All of us volunteers appreciate it – and we appreciate you!


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