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Middle School Soccer


Middle School Playing Rules

Generally speaking this league follows the playing rules of the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS).  We have additionally adopted the following exceptions/clarifications to those (NFHS) rules.

Game Time: 30 Minute Halves // 5-10 minute Half Time (Referee Decides)

Substitutions: Unlimited at all legal times.

  • Both or Either Team - Kick Off // Goal Kick // injury – only if injured player is substituted.
  • Your Possession –  Throw In // Corner Kick //
    • Other team may also substitute – IF the team in possession is.
  • Yellow Carded Player must sub out – May return at the next legal substitution for their team. Unlimited Subs for BOTH teams.

Red Carded Player:  (Ejection) Must leave the field but MAY remain with the team on the team bench. Player may NOT play in the team’s next game. Two yellow cards to the same player WILL cause a red card and the team WILL NOT be allowed to replace the player on the field.

Game Re-Start: if stopped by the referee for injury – the team in possession at stoppage will restart with an IFK at the spot where the ball was at when the referee stopped play.

Throw in: An errant throw in (foot up, bad throw or never entering play) will change possession. (The other team will have the throw in)

NO match will end in a tie – Regular Season and all tournament games, except the semi-finals and finals, if tied at the end of regulation time will progress immediately to Kicks from the penalty mark to determine a winner.

The Referee will pick a goal. Teams will immediately pick 5 shooters and send them to the center circle (the 5 players may be any of the legal 16 players on the team’s roster) if PK’s extend beyond the first 5 shooters the teams will send additional players from the bench.  Once a player has participated in PK’s they will remain on the field in the center circle until a winner has been determined.  Only 11 players from each team may participate in PK’s & one must be the goalkeeper.

Semi-finals and finals that are tied at the end of regulation will play two 5 minute periods (not sudden death) before going to penalty kicks.

Tie Breaking Rules: In the event that three or more teams are tied at the end of round robin league play the following tie breaker rules will apply to determine seeding for the end of season playoff games. Find the lowest seed team, eliminate them and continue the tie breaker rules from the top eliminating the lowest qualifier until two teams remain.  Head to head will apply for the last two teams. 

  • Head to Head
  • Goal Differential: +/- Goals - max of +/- three per game
  • Shut Outs: Total # of shutouts in RR games

Player Bench (Team Side of Field) is for Players and Coaches only at all times

Middle School Information

Rule 14 Uniforms – I/A/W (NFHS). Team Uniforms must match; amendments must be approved by the director. Basic laws apply; Shoes, Shinguards, Stockings (must cover the Shinguard), Shorts (sliding shorts I/A/W NFHS are ok) and Shirt. No dangerous equipment & goalkeeper must dress distinctively. Gloves, soft head coverings (watch caps) and warm upper body attire under the jersey without a hood are approved. No long pants or any adjustments below the waist to the standard uniform.

Erik Powers - Middle School Director

Click to email Erik

Last Game of the Season

To all players; remember to bring a change of clothes and both jerseys to your last game, you will be turning them in Before you leave.


Middle School Boys

Spring 2016

Clarksville Academy Middle School

Middle School Girls

Fall 2015

Richview Middle School

Team Rosters

Did I make the Team?? Click on your schools tab to find out.

This Tab will be updated as try-outs proceed - Much like posting rosters on a school bulletin board.

How Can I Coach Middle School?

Please download the application below and email it back to the Erik Powers our Middle School Director. 

Middle School Soccer - Mission Statement

The purpose of the Middle School Soccer Athletic Association shall be to prepare Middle School aged soccer players for the more competitive High School programs and to provide a playing environment by organizing Middle School soccer teams in the Montgomery County and surrounding areas. The Middle School Soccer Athletic Association is a subordinate structure to the Montgomery County Soccer Association (MCSA).